About Us

OrganOx Limited was founded in 2008 to exploit normothermic preservation technology invented by Prof Peter Friend and colleagues and further developed by Prof Constantin Coussios at the University of Oxford.

Since that time, the core technology has been developed into the OrganOx metra, a revolutionary device for storing livers at normal body temperatures for extended periods of time. Following extensive pre-clinical studies and the successful completion of clinical studies, the product is now commercially available within the EU.

A further pivotal clinical study comparing 220 transplanted livers with static cold storage has recently been completed at 7 leading liver transplant centres in Europe and initial results presented at 2 major congresses. The final trial data are now being prepared for publication.

OrganOx is currently engaged in a further pivotal study in the US and a further study at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham to test the viability and transplant potential of marginal livers.


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