Single port for simple priming

Single port for simple priming

The metra has a sterile disposable set and is designed to self-prime with packed red blood cells and colloid solution.  Priming takes less than 10 minutes and at the press of a single button, normothermic oxygenated perfusion of the liver commences.  




Metra  ready for transport

Metra ready for transport

 The metra can then be loaded into vehicles used by transplant teams.  The graphical user interface (GUI) screen and liver bowl are visible through the hard cover. Data from the  GUI screen can be viewed remotely on a smartphone.


Livers preserved on the metra are functioning throughout the preservation period and key parameters are continuously monitored. The metra graphical user interface enables the transplant surgeon to view variations in markers of haemodynamic, synthetic and metabolic performance throughout the preservation period. This provides additional information relating to organ function in a normothermic environment.