Breakthrough warm transplant technology deployed in India for the first time

OrganOx and its exclusive business partner in India, Duraent Biologicals Ltd are delighted to announce the first liver transplant in India using a new breakthrough technology.

The technology, normothermic machine perfusion(NMP), was developed by OrganOx and is a totally new approach to preserving a deceased donor liver prior to transplantation. Instead of storing the donor liver on ice, NMP maintains the liver at physiological temperature and provides the organ with oxygenated blood and nutrients. This enables quality assessment of the organ by functional testing prior to transplant

This first transplant in India took place on 9th April 2018, at the Aster CMI Hospital in Bengaluru. In attendance were the hospital’s lead transplant surgeon Dr. Sonal Asthana accompanied by Professor Darius Mirza and Professor Arvinder Soin who were present in their capacity as OrganOx consultant advisors.

The 56-year-old male patient has made a very good recovery and has been discharged from the Aster CMI Hospital.

This development comes shortly after results from the world’s first randomized clinical trial of NMP with the OrganOx metra® were published on-line by the science journal Nature on 18th April 2018.

The results show livers preserved using the metra device had improved outcomes and increased utilisation compared to ice stored organs.

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