The OrganOx metra® during Retrieval

Step 1: Load Sterile Disposables

Everything that comes in contact with perfusion fluids and the organ on the metra is disposable. Simply unpack the sterile set, unfold it and load it onto the metra. Prepare infusions (bile salts, insulin, prostacyclin and heparin) in the syringes provided and connect nutrtition to the sterile set.  

Step 2: Prime the metra

The metra is designed to self-prime with 3 units of packed red cells (of blood type matched to the organ) and 1/2 litre of colloid solution. Simply hang pre-spiked units from the deployable priming pole, connect  to the priming port, and watch the metra self-prime under gravity. Priming takes less than 10 minutes. At the press of a button, the perfusate is then automatically heated to body temperature and oxygenated. The metra is now ready to receive the organ...  

Step 3: Cannulate & Connect Organ

The organ is cannulated according to standard clinical practice on the back table, using the custom-designed OrganOx cannulae supplied with the disposable set. Quick-connect fittings make attachment to the metra easy: simply clamp off the portal, hepatic arterial and IVC lines, remove the surrogate organ used for priming, and replace with the cannulated organ.

Step 4: Start Organ Perfusion
at the Press of a Button

Following organ connection, simply open the portal, arterial and caval lines, and press a single button on the metra control panel to start organ perfusion. Fully automated preservation begins, with flows, pressures and blood gases being displayed in real time.The metra is now ready for transport...

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