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OrganOx metra is transforming liver transplantation, enabling functional assessment of donor organs prior to transplantation, reducing early allograft dysfunction and improving transplantation logistics, to the benefit of both transplant recipients and hospitals.1—4

metra for liver transplantation

With the OrganOx metra, the donor liver is continuously perfused with oxygenated blood, medications and nutrients at normal body temperature and near physiological pressures and flows. The metra is fully automated, easy-to-use and can preserve the donor organ in a functional state for up to 24 hours.1, † 

How it works

MacRobert Award 2019

OrganOx was honoured to be shortlisted for the MacRobert Award in 2019; the UK's most prestigious prize for UK engineering innovation. Watch our finalist video here, highlighting the clinical impact of the metra:

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Scientific and clinical evidence

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References: 1. As demonstrated by a reduction in in Early Allograft Dysfunction from 30% (static cold storage) to 10% (metra). Nasralla D et al. Nature 2018; 557(7703):50–56. 2. Mergental H et al. Hepatology 2018; 68(1):(Suppl). 3. NICE Interventional procedures guidance (IPG636). Available at: 4. Bral M et al. Liver Transpl 2019; 25(6):848–858. 

Disclaimer: metra® is FDA-approved for normothermic liver perfusion in the United States and can preserve the donor organ in a functional state for up to 12 hours.

UK/US MD-040-1-1 - September 2022