Be part of our mission to save lives by making every donated organ count

At OrganOx, we are an innovative, fast-paced and rapidly growing medical device company, committed to developing products that save lives by making every donated organ count.

Our team are dynamic and motivated as we strive to achieve excellence in the field of organ transplantation. We seek to recruit and retain the best people from a broad range of backgrounds who share our values of innovation, evidence, integrity, teamwork, respect and passion.

We provide a positive, rewarding and flexible work environment, wherever our team are based. We offer competitive compensation and benefits packages to our employees, based on country, with everyone eligible to participate in our Bonus Scheme and Share Options.

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"Working for OrganOx is fantastic and from day one I have felt part of a great team; we have the beauty of working at the forefront of an exciting new technology that has the potential to save lives, in a close environment where everyone is focused on working together to achieve goals and contribute to the growth of the company.”

Lucy Randle, Vice President of Clinical Engagement, North America

Mission, vision and values

Saving lives by making every donated organ count

Functional assessment of donor livers with the OrganOx metra® is transforming transplantation by reducing discards and increasing the number of transplanted organs compared to static cold storage.1,2


References: 1. Nasralla D et al. Nature 2018; 557(7703):50–56. 2. Mergental H et al. Hepatology 2018; 68(1):(Suppl).

UK/US MD-040-6-1 - September 2022