Up to 24 hour donor liver preservation with OrganOx metra supports liver transplantation in people requiring complex and/or lengthy surgeries1–5

People on the liver transplant waiting list with complex conditions can be at a disadvantage due to concerns over prolonged cold ischaemia time using static cold storage.5 The OrganOx metra can help overcome these limitations of static cold storage by providing up to 24 hours of preservation without compromising outcomes.1–4 These extra hours may allow more time for preoperative preparation of all liver transplant recipients, potentially reducing the risk of complications following surgery.2,4,6,7

Up to 24 hour organ preservation with the metra helps address patient travel challenges and support liver allocation logistics2–4,8

Long patient travel times to transplant centres is associated with increased mortality and a reduced likelihood of transplantation8. OrganOx metra extends the transplantation window for these patients by overcoming the 12-hour preservation limitations of conventional static cold storage.2–4,9

Improve transplant logistics with the metra

metra and transplant logistics

Explore functional assessments of donor livers with the OrganOx metra

metra and functional liver assessment

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 Disclaimer: metra® is FDA-approved for normothermic liver perfusion in the United States and can preserve the donor organ in a functional state for up to 12 hours.

UK/US MD-040-12-1 - September 2022