OrganOx is at the forefront of changing the way donor organs are preserved in the critical time between donation and transplantation. Our leading product, the metra®, harnesses patented normothermic machine perfusion technology to preserve donor livers for up to 24 hours prior to transplant.1, †

Our Chief Medical Officer, Professor Peter Friend, and colleagues heralded the start of the normothermic machine perfusion revolution in liver transplantation with a first publication in 2002.2 Since then, over 50 publications have supported the patented OrganOx technology demonstrating its advantages over conventional cold storage and cold perfusion technologies.

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The OrganOx metra has supported over 2,000 liver transplants worldwide, increasing the utilisation of donor organs

The metra is transforming donor liver preservation, aiding the identification of viable donor livers without compromising outcomes.1,3 In a European randomised clinical trial, preservation with the metra resulted in 50% fewer discarded organs compared to static cold storage and 20% more transplanted livers.1,3

"Normothermic machine perfusion will change transplantation in all aspects and in a good way.”

Professor Stefan Schneeberger, Innsbruck Medical University, Austria

Explore the technology behind the OrganOx metra and how it is transforming liver transplantation

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Scientific and clinical evidence

References: 1. Nasralla D et al. Nature 2018; 557(7703):50–56. 2. Butler AJ et al. Transplantation 2002;73:1212–1218. 3. Mergental H et al. Hepatology 2018; 68(1):(Suppl).

 Disclaimer: metra® is FDA-approved for normothermic liver perfusion in the United States and can preserve the donor organ in a functional state for up to 12 hours.

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