Perform functional assessment with the metra 2

OrganOx metra enables the functional assessment of donor livers resulting in increased utilisation.2,3 Donor liver preservation and assessment with the metra resulted in over 50% fewer liver discards and 20% more transplanted livers, compared with static cold storage, in a randomised European trial.2

Organs discarded after retrieval

NMP, normothermic machine preservation; SCS, static cold storage. Adapted from Nasralla D et al. Nature 2018; 557(7703):50–56

50% reduction in discard rates between NMP and SCS

The metra offers more time to plan and prepare liver transplant surgery without compromising patient outcomes2-5

Normothermic machine preservation with the metra offers up to 24 hours preservation time, reducing urgency for surgery and providing greater flexibility in operating theatre planning.2–5 In a clinical trial, use of the metra allowed 84% of transplants to take place during the day versus 65% with static cold storage.5

Daylight transplant procedures

Adapted from Bral M et al. Liver Transpl 2019; 25(6):848–858

84% of transplants took place during the day versus 65% with static cold storage

Maximise transplant logistics with the metra 

Clinical evidence has been generated using the metra in two ways: transport mode2 (continuous NMP) or “back to base” mode (NMP following static cold storage)5,6 offering transplant centres maximum flexibility of use.

The metra offers the support you need for complex and lengthy surgeries2,3,5-7

Up to 24 hour liver preservation with the metra supports liver transplantation in patients requiring complex and/or lengthy surgeries, and addresses the challenges of performing transplants in patients with substantial journey times.2,3,5—8

metra and complex surgeries

"Our last run of metra transplants was very satisfying – we were able to transplant livers rejected by all US programs that definitely could not have been used otherwise.”

Professor James Shapiro, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

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 Disclaimer: metra® is FDA-approved for normothermic liver perfusion in the United States and can preserve the donor organ in a functional state for up to 12 hours.

UK/US MD-040-9-1 - September 2022