July 7th 2020

Innsbruck study demonstrates OrganOx metra enables safe prolongation of liver preservation and avoidance of night time surgery

A study by Cardini et al., recently published in the Journal of Transplantation, has concluded "NMP with the OrganOx metra in a multidisciplinary approach enables safe prolongation of liver preservation and overnight organ care. A field test of NMP indicates safety and benefit of this approach".

Innsbruck Medical University commenced use of the OrganOx metra in February 2018 and has established a multidisciplinary team consisting of transplant coordinators, perfusionists, transplant surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses to incorporate the metra into routine clinical practice. The metra is used at Innsbruck for three main indications: marginal organs; logistical challenges and complex recipients.

In the study 34 NMP cases were performed without critical incidents. Twenty-five livers were successfully transplanted after preservation of up to 38 hours (mean NMP duration 13hrs 36min; mean total preservation 20hrs 13 min). Nine livers were discarded due to poor organ quality and function observed during NMP. The ECD rate was 100% and 92% in discarded and transplanted livers. Night-time procedures and parallel transplantations were eventually omitted. Graft and patient survival was 88% at 20 months. No cholangiopathy was observed despite the use of extended criteria donor organs in 92% of cases.

The study "Clinical Implementation of Prolonged Liver Preservation and Monitoring Through Normothermic Machine Perfusion in Liver Transplantation" can be read here: https://journals.lww.com/transplantjournal/Abstract/9000/Clinical_Implementation_of_Prolonged_Liver.95661.aspx