September 27th 2019

OrganOx wins Medtech Insight Award

OrganOx is delighted to announce that it has won the 2019 Medtech Insight Award for “Best Proof-of-Value of an Innovation”.

The award is OrganOx’s first in the US and recognizes the benefits of it’s normothermic perfusion technology platform to increase the utilisation of donated organs.

The judging panel commented:
“This is a major advancement in organ preservation. There is well-documented unmet medical need in this area, and it is a true achievement to have a method to help secure desperately needed organs for patients. OrganOx represents the true aspects of what it takes to be best value and best for patients. The need for better preservation for transported organs has been a true roadblock for patients desperately waiting for organ transplants. The perseverance of the team is obvious, and they overcame huge roadblocks to achieve success”.

OrganOx CEO Craig Marshall commented:
“We are delighted to receive this prestigious award which is the result of more than 10 years of dedication from not only our team members but also the members of the surgical and clinical teams who have been involved in our clinical studies. To receive such an accolade from our peers in the Medtech Industry is true recognition of the hard work and obstacles that have been overcome to bring such an innovative game-changing technology into the commercial arena. We must also pay tribute to the many organ donors and their families who were willing to allow organs to be used on our metra® device in clinical studies and, of course, the recipients of these organs who showed great faith in receiving livers that had been preserved using our ground breaking technology.”